About Cypress, interception and the value in testing

Post it note with “run a usability test” message

About two years ago I wrote an article here on Medium in which I talked about various aspects of the websites testing ecosystem. From concepts like the Page Object pattern, differences between unit, integration and end to end tests up to a series of tips and tricks and some lessons…

I recently had a discussion with the UX expert in the company I work for. On her road-map there’s a list of things she wants to improve and we talked about what and how this could be done. I took the opportunity to tell her about my good and not…

At the beginning of this year I held an end to end testing workshop together with one of my colleagues. As a preparation for the workshop I wrote several pages of what I wanted to present that I later decided to put in an article. …

Constantin Dohotaru

Software developer, father and lazy cycling fan. Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/constantin-dohotaru-b496336/

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